Camel Cigarettes

Camel Cigarettes Rjreynolds Tobacco

By Mary John

Camel Cigarettes have been introduced in the year of 1913 from the popular company "R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. In 1987, R.J.Reynolds introduced as mascot for Camel brand Cigarettes. In July 1, 2000, the brand named "Turkish" introduced in the market". In 2005, Turkish Silvers have been produced and introduced by R.J.R. Camel Cigarettes have been made from Turkish and Virginia Tobacco.

Camel Cigarettes have been produced in different varieties like Lights, Silver, Ultra Lights, Full Flavor Blend, Ultra Lights Blend as follows.

  • Camel Unfiltered
  • Camel Filters
  • Camel Blue
  • Camel Platinum
  • Camel Menthol
  • Camel Crush
  • Camel Turkish Royal
  • Camel No. 9
  • Camel Special Blend Lights
  • Kamel Red
  • Camel Signature Mellow

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