Cigarettes and James bond

By Mary John

Bond between James Bond and Cigarettes

James Bond movies are very popular among the movie lovers all over the world. Everyone likes the style of James Bond. James Bond Character will use of lot of gadgets like guns, hat, sun glasses, ring and more. He will use every gadget as weapons including cigarettes, cigarette lighters and cigarette case in movies. James Bond will smoke sixty cigarettes per day.

How James Bond used Cigarettes as Weapons in Movies?

1. You Only Live Twice – Mini Rocket Cigarette

2. Never Say Never Again – Motion Sensing Bomb

3. Casino Royale – Cigarette Gun

4. Live and Let Die – Felix Lighter

5. The Man with the Golden Gun – Cigarette Case

6. The Spy Who Loved Me – Stun Gas Cigarette

7. Moon Raker - Cigarette Case

8. License to Kill - Detonate Toothpaste

James Bond Sean Connery with Cigarette and Gun

James Bond with Cigarette

James Bond with Cigarette in Movie

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