Cigarettes Holders

By Mary John

Information about Cigarettes Holders

Cigarette Holders are used for holding the cigarettes from smoker’s mouth. It looks very stylish and safety purpose also. Usually smoker’s lips will get some problem due to smoking more. So, Using this holders, cigarette paper won’t touch the lips. Cigarette Holders have been using by ladies more than gents. Men’s cigarette holders are shorter than Ladies cigarette holders. It also protect smoker’s finger from nicotine staining.

Cigarette Holders in film and with famous personalities

We can see lot of famous actors in movies using these cigarettes holders. We can watch the actors using these holders in well-known movies like Titanic, I Love Lucy, One Hundred & One Dalmatians, The Shadow, Peter Pan, Batman Returns and many more movies. Also we can see famous personalities like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ian Fleming and many using these holders.

Image of Cigarette Holders

Cigarette Holders

Luvpet's smoking fetish ciarette holder and leather gloves

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