Newport Menthol Cigarettes

Newport Menthol Cigarettes

By Mary John

Newport Cigarettes is a Menthol brand Cigarettes from Lorillard Tobacco Company of Greensboro located in North Carolina at United States. Newport Cigarettes have been introduced to consumers in the year of 1957. Newport Cigarettes have been getting good sales in countries like America and Africa. Consumers can enjoy the Newport Cigarettes that filled full flavour of Menthol.

Newport Cigarettes have been produced in different varieties like Full Flavor, Full Flavor 100s, Medium, Medium 100s, Light, Light 100s as follows.

  • Newport Box
  • Newport Box 100s
  • Newport Menthol Blue
  • Newport Menthol Blue 100s
  • Newport Menthol Gold
  • Newport Menthol Gold 100s
  • Newport Non-Menthol
  • Newport Non-Menthol 100s

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