Parliament Cigarettes

By Mary John


Parliament Cigarettes are well known leading branded Cigarettes from Philip Morris. These Parliament Cigarettes came to market in the year of 1935 and become most popular cigarette in the year of 1940s and 1950s. Parliament Cigarettes have been popular among the world countries like United States, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and others.

Parliament Cigarettes

Pallmall Cigarette Varieties

Some of the Parliament Cigarettes varieties are listed below.

  • Blue Pack Kings - Box
  • White Pack Kings - Soft and Box
  • White Pack Lights 100's - Soft and Box
  • Silver Pack Ultra Lights Kings - Box
  • Menthol
  • Green Pack Menthol Full Flavor Kings - Box
  • White Pack Menthol Lights Kings & 100's - Box
  • Silver Pack Menthol Ultra Lights Kings - Box

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