Tobacco Pipes

By Mary John

Tobacco Pipes Information

Most of the people like Tobacco Pipe for its stylish look. Also people call it as pipe. Tobacco Pipe is defined as a device, which is used for smoking the tobacco. Tobacco Pipe consists of two portions with a space for filling tobacco and a stem.

Some of the well-known Tobacco Pipes are
i) Briar Pipes
ii) Meerschaum Pipes
iii) Clay Tobacco Pipes
iv) Calabash Pipes
v) Corncob Pipes
vi) Metal Tobacco Pipes
vii) Hookah Tobacco Pipes

Tobacco Pipes History

Tobacco Pipes have been using by people from ancient days. In ancient period, Tobacco pipes were used by Romans, Geeks, Germanic, Celtic and Nordics. Americans were started to use Tobacco pipes, before the entry of Europeans. Europeans introduced Americans Tobacco Pipes in European Countries and World wide during the period of 16th century.

Tobacco Pipes Images

Tobacco Pipes

The Making of Tobacco Pipe

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